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But Under Grace

"For sin shall no longer be your master because you are not under the law but under grace."

Romans 6:14 (NIV)

March 20, 2017, I was in a car accident. I rear-ended a truck being driven by a retired gentleman by the name of Lorean. Without a shadow of a doubt, I was totally at fault. The traffic that morning was moving a bit slow so it was important for me to be cautious of the vehicle in front of me. At this one particular moment, I remember slowing down then looking down at my phone. When I looked back up traffic was at a stop. I hit the breaks but it was too late.

The gentleman immediately got out of his car and walked over to me and ask if I was alright. After addressing my wellbeing, he went and looked at the back of his truck and the front of my car and said, "looks like you took the worst hit." We were on a busy road, so he told me to call 911 and then proceeded to pull out his small flashlight and began to redirect traffic away from our accident (keep in mind it was 7:00 in the morning and the daylight had already set in.) He seemed to know exactly what to do.

While we were waiting, a police officer from a different city stopped and guided us off of the busy highway to a safer area, then went on his way. As we waited for the officers to arrive, I had a great conversation with Lorean. He shared his love of pottery with me and made me feel that everything was going to be alright. Never once did he express a condemning feeling of anger.

Once the police officers arrived we went through the process of providing insurance information. The officers typed up the accident report and went on their way. Afterwards, I had one last talk with Lorean and he mentioned that the officer stated that there was a dent in his bumper, and Loren's response was, "I didn't see it"…

After all was said and done, Lorean grabbed my hand and we said our goodbyes followed by a quick hug. As he drove away, I looked at his truck bumper, and surely there was a dent on the left side. I think that he may have looked at the damage to my car and decided the dent in his bumper was not worth all of the fuss.

While I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive, I had the opportunity to sit and think about the bad decision that I made that morning, and the word “grace” came to my mind. Then I thought back to a lesson that I started studying entitled "Let Me See Thy Glory: A Study of the Attributes of God". I recalled a quote by Martin Luther that stated. "Your thoughts of God are too human." That statement resonated with me so greatly during this specific moment, and it made me view grace on another level.

Of course, Lorean was not God, but I believe that God used that moment to reveal a few attributes of his own character. He is a God of grace, love, and peace. Even when we are wrong, God will never approach us with a heart of condemnation. He knows exactly how to approach our sin and lovingly guide us back to the safe and righteous path. He intentionally assures us that all will be well, and that His peace is there to take a hold of all that overwhelms us. The enemy may try to shine a light on the dented areas of our lives, however the unconditional love of God sees beyond those dents. He is so sovereign!

Side Note: I believe it was not by coincidence that Lorean loved pottery (Read Jeremiah 18)!


Father forgive me of my sins. Help me see you as you are, a Father full of grace and one who loves me unconditionally. Shine the light of your love on the areas where I fall short and guide me in the way of righteousness. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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